Belize Day 2: Tire Swans 

One thing they do here in Belize is make swans out of tires and place them in the streets to make them more beautiful. Something so ugly like tires turned into something gorgeous like swans.

After breakfast we went to the church and I was able to meet some of the members of the community. Yesterday I talked about how real the hearts of the people are, it was definitely confirmed. Walking in the members of the church greeted me with hugs and smiles, you could see the excitement in their eyes.

One of the ladies told us about the murders that have been happening close to the church, there was even one last night. “Belize isn’t the same anymore,” said Beth, the pastors daughter. The pastor was murdered three months ago when he was beat to death over fruits on his farm. After hearing all the stories about how Mr. B changed people’s lives in the community, I wish I had the opportunity to meet him.  I met his wife, Mrs. B, she is the cutest little Belizian old lady ever. Seeing her for the first time instantly broke my heart and tears started flowing down my face, you could see the pain in her eyes. As our group was reunited with the church smiles grew on everyone’s face. Through the tragedy they laid their pain at God’s feet and continued to spread love.

As a gentleman was walking down the street he heard the praises pouring from the church and was drawn in. From first glance I could tell he was drunk. He was covered in tattoos and huge scars down his arms. I was terrified when he sat in the pew behind me while I worshiped. A knot began to grow in my stomach.

When David Bayleat began to preach he continued to disrupt the congragation from the message. I kept praying that God would keep us safe. I knew He was watching over us, but the thought that something bad failed to escape my thoughts. Satan is a roaring lion waiting to attack. The man was asked to leave and we all focused back on the sermon as if nothing happened.

The sermon explained that anything can happen to anyone. The moment that the thought that you’re invincible runs through your head you will be quickly knocked off your pedastool. It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you bounce back. There’s been many bad things that have happened but no matter what in the end it’s all apart of God’s big plan for us. I believe that God turns everything into good when Satan tries to rip us to pieces.

Satan will tear us down, tragedies will happen but in those moments all we can do is fall to our knees and pray. Give everything to God, surrender. Turn ugly tires into beautiful swans.


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