Belize Day 3: Lost Dogs 

In the mornings we go to Pop’s for breakfast a couple of streets over from our hotel, Martha’s Guest House, and on the way there is always a lost dog everywhere we turn. The dogs are skinny with dirt all over their body and the saddest look on their faces, licking the road for food to survive another day.

Passing by the community members greeting them throughout the day while receiving the generosity back instead of getting a nasty look is pretty refreshing. It seems like they recieve joy from welcoming new people. 

The first day at Santa Elena Baptist School we started off by painting the outside with bright yellow and red while playing with some of the kids during recess. They have a shack in the outside area so they can buy water, juices, and other foods for lunch. If kids don’t want to get stuff from that little shack people are selling stuff all down the street at their houses. My favorite part of the school, of course, was being with the kids. After we finished painting for the day in the heat we got to have time with the younger kids in their classrooms. We were singing and teaching fun worship songs that the kids loved and we had our first skit about King Saul and David which went pretty well. I got the chance to be King Saul’s daughter, Michal, that warns David about the guards attempting  to kill him so that was exciting. Getting to meet them and play freeze tag, even in the heat, was on of the highlights of my day.

At night we had our first day of VBS at the church. The church has a small worship center with a few Sunday school rooms and a huge outdoor area. I’m in the youngest group of kids and they were very good on the first day. I got to meet a lot of them and start relationships after we had game time. Besides the lesson from Mrs. Sandy, my favorite time was game time. We had these crumbled up papers to throw symbolizing throwing away our sin, so we played paper fight. Although it was painful at times getting hit in the face it made the kids get out of their comfort zone. Seeing that made it easy for me to fall in love with the kids and already hate leaving them even though I’m going to see them tomorrow.

You can tell that some of these kids are very lost. Just like the feeling you get when you see a lost dog I get the same feeling when I see a lost kid. Now I don’t mean physically lost, I mean spiritually. It’s hard for kids to understand how much God loves them when some don’t get treated right in their own home. You just want to stay forever and tell them how loved they are and to never give up on anything you do. Right away some of the girls were holding my hand and giving me long hugs, even then you can just see in their eyes that they want to be loved.

It’s our job this week to show them God’s love and to be positive with patience without focusing on distractions. To take in the “lost dog” aka the lost kids and love on them while we have the power of love that we received from Him.

~ Yesterday’s Blog ~


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