Belize Day 6: Our Goodbye is not a Goodbye. 

My heart breaks today as I have to say goodbye to everyone from the school and the church. Tears fill my eyes as I think about the impact that this country has had on me.

It’s 9:37 a.m. and we just got back from Pop’s, our morning spot for breakfast. The realization hit that this is the last day we get to spend time with the children that I fell in love with…

Pouring your heart and soul into kids that need to be loved then leaving right after you start to form relationships with them is tearing me apart. I’ve gotten used to seeing their faces everyday. This week has gone by so fast it’s as if I’ve been in a dream.

I wish I could explain this better but I can’t. This is something you would have to experience yourself to fully understand how truly amazing and heartbreaking it is being on Mission for Christ overseas.

We were created out of love to show love. In order to mission you have to be vulnerable. Right away you need to open your heart to these kids, which is the easiest part of the whole trip. The moment I see the smiles on their faces I can’t help being content with my life. It’s as if everything bad in the world doesn’t matter because the love these kids have can overcome it all.

Hugging everyone goodbye, having to let go was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Them telling me that they’re going to miss me and they don’t want me to leave, I couldn’t help but cry.

David Balyeat told me a story today. It’s about a old man with a crack in his heart, even a piece was missing that was patched up, then there’s a young man with a big shiny heart. The old man was proud of his heart so the young man asked why since it was ugly. The old man said “because once I left Belize a piece of my heart stayed with the children, the crack is from the heartbreak of leaving.” But the young man noticed a sort of mass on the old mans heart and was confused. So the young man asked the old man what it was and he said “not only did I leave a piece of my heart with the kids but the kids left a piece of their heart with me.”

Even though that was one of the hardest moments of my life, I know that they will always be in my heart and I will always be in theirs. A great friend of mine told me that although we had a small amount of time with them we insured an eternity after.

God used each of our unique gifts to serve and leave the mark He desired us to leave on Belize. So I’m leaving confident that we did our job.

I pray that I come back next year but if God has a different plan for me then I will follow Him.

~Yesterday’s Blog~


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