Belize Day 7: Adventure Time 

Although yesterday was extremely emotional, today was an amazing way to end the trip. Our first adventure was a journey up the gorgeous Xunantunich ruins and after that we walked around the outside of a 15 acre jungle that was Mr. B’s farm.

The Xunantunich ruins were so indescribable. Once you arrive you’re at the entrance but when you look out you see the jungle surrounding a path on a hill. Our destination was on top of that hill. As we start walking the physical aspect of our adventure started to take a toll on us. It became really difficult to continue walking but we couldn’t stop, we had to keep moving forward. The journey up the Xunantunich was challenging but completely worth the view we had. Rain started to roll down our faces at the top while monkeys were howling in the trees. The Xunantunich became slippery so we had to try our hardest not to fall on the way down. Looking at the view everyone was desperately trying to caption every moment that can’t possibly be captured by a camera. 

Mr. B, the pastor of San Ignacio Baptist Church that died, had a farm that we had the chance to visit. A sad moment for everyone and surprisingly more difficult of a challenge than the Xunantunich. We had to walk up a steep hill with fruits all around us where we came across more dangerous ups and downs. This challenge was exciting. Having the feeling of successfully making it back to our original destination was an amazing accomplishment. While climbing up we had to use the trees to support us on the way up and going down we had to make sure not to get caught on any of the vines. Getting to the original destination our reward picking sugarcanes, mangos, a different type of apple, and drink coconuts. Altogether it was an amazing day.

Something I learned for today is that when you face an obstacle, like the ups and downs or the slippery Xunantunich ruins, you have to press forward because the end is worth all of the pain.


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