SLU 101 Day 1: Leading the Leaders

~Student Leadership University~

After getting back home from Belize I didn’t have much time to rest but I’m still very blessed with the opportunity to be here, plus I actually got to take a warm shower for the first time in weeks which was nice. Student Leadership University 101 is a program that is taken place in Orlando, Florida. It is for the purpose of teaching young students how to be godly influencers in their everyday life. The book for this week is focused around Leadership Rocks, which I recommend for every inexperienced young adult that wants to become excellent leaders for the Lord.

Since I would consider myself very experienced when it comes to leadership; being in leadership roles at school, taking multiple leadership classes, coaching, counseling ect… it was interesting being one of the older young adults here reflecting on how I was when I first started taking a interest in being a leader.

Something that I thought was strange is that none of the churches communicated with each other during our first session in the conference room. They were very isolated until dinner where we had to be by strangers and after that they sat back to their normal seats. Of course my roommate, Ashley, for the week traveled with my family and I here with our church, Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church, and we decided that getting to know others and showing real leader qualities rather than being isolated was the best option. Even though we had some weird reactions with being outgoing, I believe one big part of being a leader is not letting fear stop you from getting out of your comfort zone.

So far we’ve had two sessions, the first session was taught by Dr. Jay Strack called Excellence In All Things. Leadership is influence, “To be a leader in the church has always required strength and faith beyond the merely average.” -(J. Oswald Sanders) The verse used for this section is Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Excellence also means to rise above, it reflects mainly on your attitude. A quote he mentioned that I really enjoyed was “what’s above always knows what’s below but what’s below doesn’t know what’s above”, you never know how far you can get in life if you don’t reach for it.

“Vision is the single greatest leadership trait one can possess.” (John Maxwell)

As a leader we must rise above the crowd, circumstances, criticism, and the disrespect we put on ourselves.

Session two was my favorite because the speaker, Brent Crowe, taught about the Components of the Leadership Journey but made it very interesting. The components include having positive thoughts, seeing the big picture, having followers, being competent, inspiring, honest, willing to do what others are not willing, and making plans for our future. There is a lot you must do to be a successful leader but one of the main things is actually doing rather than just simply wishing.

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