SLU 101 Day 3: Why Am I Here? 

~Universal Studios~

For the first day I found myself questioning why I was there. I got frustrated that I wasn’t receiving the same attitude that I was giving. I also didn’t like everything they were talking about since it was circumstances I’ve already discovered and overcome. I believe we find ourselves asking a lot of questions; why are there bad people, why is there death, why is the world so evil, and etc.. the answer is sin.

Today I understood why God placed me here. There was questions that I needed to be answered and Mr. Tony, our surprise speaker, answered them.

One of the questions I had on my mind was, why do I find myself sinning or have the desire to sin? It’s because we love to sin, we enjoy the adrenaline and at times more than we love God. Even though I already knew this in my heart hearing it made it more real. God has adopted us into His family and the way we honor this is to love Him.

Changing your heart will change your life. The restless feeling that we have in our heart is because we are made to love God. When we aren’t all in we desire to love and be loved. Once you change your heart you’re perspective on life changes. How you react to everything determines what you believe and what is in your heart.

No historian denies that Jesus existed, they just have different perspectives on who He was. When I heard this I wondered how so many people deny who Jesus is. If there’s so much evidence on Him living, the miracles He has performed, and how He rose from the dead how are there so many atheists in the world.

That was my next big question, and he answered it with this, “it’s not that they do not believe it’s that they do not want to believe.” Some people think it’s easy not to believe when it’s so easy to believe. What I mean by that is we simply have to invite God in our heart and then we’ve been saved, it seems unbelievable since we expect a challenge. Some don’t believe out of anger or just don’t care enough about life to find out.

God desires our love and wants our love so badly that He made it very easy for us to recieve it. We’ve already earned His love we just have to live like it.

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4 thoughts on “SLU 101 Day 3: Why Am I Here? 

  1. Honey I have to take exception when you say it’s easy to not believe. I think it’s harder too deny Christ than believe He is who he says he is. That’s why the lost are so miserable. I believe deep down in their “knower” (I know, not a real word) that empty place cries out for Jesus. To silence that cry, they will do any thing Satan plants in their heads. That emptiness hurts them worse than a bad toothache but pride will keep them cursing Jesus and anyone who believes in him, or prays to him. The Holy Spirit stands next to them with the novacain of Grace, wanting more than anything to take away sin’s hurt, if they will just surrender their sin, accept Christ’s forgiveness and be freed from the bondage that’s linked to the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve turned their desire over to a snake, embraced Lucifer’s lie, and let their souls turn black with sin. Sinning is easy, sinning is fun, for a season but as the soul darkens and as death begins to course through their veins and that eternal hurt begins to tear at their hearts, deep inside they hear the Holy Spirit calling out ” For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life…”(John 3:16).


    1. I said it’s easy not to believe when it’s so easy to believe, meaning people at times think it’s too easy to simply ask God to be saved because they think that the mistakes they’ve made deserve to have some sort of challenge in order to be saved. I should’ve explained it better but in my brain it made sense.


  2. dennyneff

    I’ve talked with, think there is a catch. But Grace is FREE. We don’t and can’t do anything about our salvation. I don’t have to get beyond that one sin I keep doing over and over. I don’t have to get rid of that one habit that’s bad in order to be saved. I don’t have to clean up my act first…. Without God’s GRACE I don’t have the spiritual muscle to clean up my act. It’s even hard for me to understand sometimes. But it’s Jesus plus NOTHING else. In a way, I think people sort of WANT to punishing themselves for their sin.

    Anyway, I love reading your blog. It’s so good and I feel so blessed to be related to such a talented college freshman. You keep walking with Jesus, where ever He leads you and your life will be so blessed, you may even have to ask God to quit blessing you so much, at least until you can catch up on all the “Thank You” prayers you will need to pray.

    I love you Granddaughter and I am so very proud of the lady you are becoming (and the lady yo are right now).

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