SLU 101 Day 4: My Final Thoughts

My final thought on Student Leadership University is that it was amazing. If you’re a leader but not really growing as much as you’d hope I recommend this program. If you aren’t a leader but would like to start I recommend this. Even if you are a great leader that wants to continue to improve I still recommend it.

Today we went over the meaning to S.E.R.V.E.

The S in serve stands for seeing and shaping. Being able to notice the things that need to be improved and then fixing it.

E is for encouraging others. In the role of leadership it’s very easy to not like someone’s personality and then react negatively to it. Instead I thinking encouraging and loving on them is the best way to get to someone who needs help and support.

R stands for reinventing yourself, always growing. One thing I learned that alarmed me was in one whole year a person may read one book that wasn’t assigned to them. Out of 365 days most of us don’t even pick up a book. To be a leader you have to be a reader. Learning and growing is the best way to be an excellent teacher or leader.

Then we have V, this stands for valuing relationships and results. Some of us value relationships the most which means we care deeply about others thoughts. Valuing results the most means that we stress about the outcome and are very competitive. A great leader values both equally.

Then there is E which stands for embodying your values. Figure out what your value is then share it to others.

I believe when people ask us if we are great leaders then some of us are insecure about our leadership so instead we say that we’re good leaders or simply okay. Something that stuck to me is one of the speakers said “you’re only a great leader if you believe you’re a great leader”. Once we heard this the room became silent. The next thing he mentioned was to be confident in your skills, not to glorify yourself but to glorify God and use it to help others.

Help change the world instead of waiting for someone to change it.

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One thought on “SLU 101 Day 4: My Final Thoughts

  1. dennyneff

    It sounds like that conference was worth every dollar. It’s amazing to watch someone as they become self-aware and begin recognizing the pathway that God has marked out for them. A great leader leads. If you look behind and don’t see anyone there, guess what. Have you ever tried to push a chain? You can’t, you have to pull a chain. You have to be out front. It really sounds like you are out front sweetheart. It’s amazing how much the landscape changes when you are out front and not hiding in the crowd. Can I recommend a book to you? It’s titled “All In: You Are One Decision Away From a Totally Different Life”” by a guy named Mark Batterson. Mark pastors National Community Church in Washington D.C. His blog can be found at

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