Christmas Fundraiser for Persecuted Christians


If you have not noticed, Christianity has been rapidly changing in the United States. Yet, the United States is one of the only places on earth where Christians are not being harshly persecuted.

In over 60 countries, Christians are faced with persecution for their faith.  Each month 322 Christians are being killed for their faith (simply just by loving God), 214 churches and Christian properties are being destroyed (even their own homes), and 722 forms of violence are committed against Christians; such as, beatings, rapes, abductions, arrests, and more. I will never be able to fully grasp the reality of Christians being killed and hurt; especially, since I live in a country where I am blessed with freedom of religion.

At least 200 MILLION (over 75%) Christians are being persecuted for their faith worldwide!

This is where YOU come into the picture.

I understand Christmas is the craziest holiday of the year but there is no better time to give than the “season of giving.” Last Christmas, I decided to do a clothing drive for the organization Hope 4 Refugees and this fall I attended the Wilberforce Initiative Dinner at Dallas Baptist University. I learned what the persecuted church is asking America, “where are the Christians in America?”, America’s Christian voices are not being heard where persecution is taking place. This is your chance to let your voices be heard, I will use Facebook for donations to the Open Doors USA organization.

The ultimate goal at Open Doors is to make the needs and the stories of the persecuted unavoidable to the American Church. With their Christian faith and belief that freedom of religion is for everyone, they are inspired to support those who live in hostile regions. With the donations they receive, it will be used for providing Bibles, building churches, discipleship, and all kinds of humanitarian, charitable, economic, and legal aid that offers micro loans, famine relief, legal advocacy, home rebuilding, and many other types of assistance.

Help the persecuted church in 3 ways

  1. Pray! Pray! Pray! (most important)
  2. Get Informed! Sign up below for emails and updates on the things that are happening to the persecuted church around the world! 

3. DONATE!!!! $20, $10, and even $5 will help! Through my Facebook, which will go straight to Open Doors USA or through Open Doors directly!


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