Belize Day 6: Our Goodbye is not a Goodbye. 

My heart breaks today as I have to say goodbye to everyone from the school and the church. Tears fill my eyes as I think about the impact that this country has had on me.  It's 9:37 a.m. and we just got back from Pop's, our morning spot for breakfast. The realization hit that this … Continue reading Belize Day 6: Our Goodbye is not a Goodbye. 


Belize Day 3: Lost Dogs 

In the mornings we go to Pop's for breakfast a couple of streets over from our hotel, Martha's Guest House, and on the way there is always a lost dog everywhere we turn. The dogs are skinny with dirt all over their body and the saddest look on their faces, licking the road for food … Continue reading Belize Day 3: Lost Dogs 

Belize Day 1: A House Is Not A Home 

Just landed in Belize and it is absolutely mesmerizing! There's fruit trees everywhere with fruit carts on the side of the road instead of produced fruits that have been transported in a freezer. No busy highways or fake looking neighborhoods.  Poverty is very known here, houses have been completely ruined everywhere. Most of the houses … Continue reading Belize Day 1: A House Is Not A Home 

Prove Yourself Wrong

It's 3:00 am right now and I decided to watch motivational videos and write this before I go to sleep because why not. I noticed a lot of people saying prove everyone wrong, go out there and dream big! But how can I prove everyone else wrong when I haven't even proved myself wrong. I … Continue reading Prove Yourself Wrong